If you think about some of the most fashionable players in the NFL, Cam Newton and Odell Beckham Jr. probably come to mind. Before and after every game they can be seen wearing some pretty flashy clothes and have shown the world their appreciation for high-end fashion, even if sometimes it comes across as a little outlandish. With their love of clothing in mind, it only makes sense that two would hit up New York Fashion Week. Both Newton and Beckham Jr. were spotted alongside former New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz at Harlem's Fashion Row Special Event on Wednesday night. All three ended up taking a picture with costume designer Ruth Carter.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Newton and Beckham Jr. were sporting some interesting fits. Newton was wearing a trench coat with fur around the color as well as a top hat while OBJ was looking fly in a fit that looks like it was inspired by The Rock's infamous fanny-pack photo.

Both OBJ and Cam Newton will be looking to have bounce-back seasons next year. The Carolina Panthers finished with a record of 7-9 after Newton went down with a shoulder injury, meanwhile, the Giants were abysmal this season and ended up missing the playoffs.