Another year, another addition to the Call of Duty video game series. There's just something about the chaos of multiplayer modes that bring fans back every year. Fans will be excited to find out that the next installment of the series is Black Ops 4. The game was announced with an action-packed teaser trailer.

It's hard to define what is actually happening in the trailer, as different scenes are cut together at an alarming speed. Following the darker approach of the Black Ops series, we can see there is a psychological element present; one that will inevitably affect the gameplay of the first-person shooter. As per usual, it appears that your character will traverse through many areas around the world, including cities, forests, snowy terrain, and a dessert. The teaser also hints at the fan-favourite "Zombies" mode.

The Treyarch-developed video game will be unraveling its secrets in the upcoming weeks. A "Community Reveal Event" will take place on May 17th before its "Global Launch" on October 12th of this year. Dedicated players of the Black Ops series will get the most of the narrative as the tagline "Forget what you know" alludes to a change in the status quo. Check out the trailer and see for yourself.