There's a new fast food snack on the market and it involves mac n cheese, cheetos and Burger King. If this intrigues, excites, or disgusts you, please feel free to keep reading. 

Burger King's "Mac n' Cheetos" are exactly what they sound like, sticks of mac n' cheese that have been deep fried and battered with Cheetos flavored crumbs. 

“We’re partnering up with one of Americans’ favorite brands,” Alex Macedo, president of North America at Burger King, said in an interview. “It’s quite unique.”

First it was the hot dogs, then the Whopperito, and now this. What will BK come up with next?

According to Bloomberg, the "Mac n' Cheetos" are served in packs of 5 for $2.49 but they'll only be available for eight weeks or until Burger King runs out of product.