Buddy Details How Playing With Toys Led To "Trouble On Central"

Mitch Findlay
August 08, 2018 15:57

Buddy breaks down the inspiration behind "Trouble On Central."

In the wake of dropping the excellent Harlan & Alondra album, West coast talent Buddy recently blessed us with his presence for "Between The Lines." Taking us in depth on his mellow single "Trouble On Central," the rapper examined some of his bars with a fine toothed comb, explaining the methodology behind his concepts. "I wrote this song in Los Angeles," he confirms, "I think we was at Record Plant, I was hanging out with Scoop Deville. He pulled up with a bunch of toys. I swear he had like dinosaurs, like crazy little trinkets. A Pokeball that was a phone charger. He had an old school radio antenna thing. It was fire."

Eventually, the playdate transitioned into a beat-session, as Scoop laid out the "Trouble On Central" instrumental. Triggering an association with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Buddy found himself entranced by the melody. Eventually, Buddy brought the single to life, envisioning himself in Compton, "in one of my buckets, in hot summer time, trying to get either away from home or to home, and my car just breaking down."

A relatable struggle, to be sure. Peep the whole video for the entire breakdown.


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