Bronny James Jr. is one of the most interesting up and coming talents in high school basketball and while his skills are certainly plentiful, his name has a little something to do with it. Of course, Bronny is the oldest son of LeBron James and there are many out there who think Bronny could someday go to a Division 1 NCAA school and maybe even make it into the NBA.

These days, Bronny can be found playing NBA 2K20 for his audience on Twitch. Yes, that's right, Bronny is a Livestreamer in his spare time and he has grown to be quite good at it. Recently, Bronny was on stream, and in between all of the trolling, he was asked to name his five favorite NBA players. As you can see, he has some pretty good taste.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis, and Kevin Durant all ended up on his list although they weren't placed in any particular order. Bronny ended up leaving his dad off of the list since that's what the chat ultimately wanted him to do.

If you were to poll most young fans, this is the list they would probably give you. Realistically, Bronny's list didn't contain any surprises but it was solid nonetheless.

Let us know in the comments below who your top five is, using only contemporary players.