Bow Wow had a bit of a rocky 2017, as Shad Moss found himself becoming the butt of several jokes, including the notorious "Bow Wow Challenge." And while that meme is dead and gone, it seems as if the former child star is ready to reinvent himself, once again returning to the hip-hop game. With his Greenlight 6 project still in the works, Moss has come through with an update on his status, sharing a teaser with some brand new sounds. The clip also features some studio footage, which revisits the album cover of Bow Wow's debut album Beware Of Dog, a nostalgic sight for any day one Bow Wow fan. 

"Shad still the same n***a," sings an autotuned Bow Wow, "whether I'm in the bucket or the Lamborghini." The track is a more melodic one, and if you're not a fan of autotune, you might not be down with this. Still, Bow Wow has confirmed in his Instagram comment section that Greenlight 6 will be an autotune free zone, and this untitled track is simply a loosie. "THERE IS NO AUTOTUNE ON G6," says Bow Wow. "This song was for promo use ONLY!!!!"

Check out the video below, and stay tuned for some new music from Shad Moss. You won't have to wait much longer, as the single is set to drop on February 22nd.