Boogie "Bitter Raps" Official Music Video

HNHH Staff
October 30, 2014 10:50

Boogie is a West Coast rapper whom we introduced you to with his debut mixtape Thirst 48. Before that came out though, we just had this song "Bitter Raps" to go off of, and it alone peaked our interest in the rapper. His casual flow reels off a list of things he's over-- fakes, every L.A. rapper trying to be like YG, weak blunts for the purpose of selfies, bitches calling him 'bro' when they've already fucked...Feel him?
Thirst 48 dropped in mid-summer, and now months later, Boogie returns with an official music video for the stand-out record. The visuals, directed by Jack Wagner, give us a look into Boogie's life, from his young son, to his friends, to his home. The shots are slowed down which put an emphasis on the 'every day' quality of it all; this isn't luxury raps it's relatable raps.
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HNHH TV Boogie "Bitter Raps" Official Music Video