If you recall, it was reported way back in January that buzzing California rapper Blueface had signed a exclusive deal with Fashionova Men for a new line of merch, which was rumored at the time to be worth a couple million dollars. Today, that exclusive line has arrived online for your shopping needs.

Fashionova rolled out a slew of new t-shirts, long sleeve shirts & hoody’s all inspired by the CA rapper this afternoon. The shirts, which are all black or white, start at $24.99 and feature Blueface’s face on them or a pic of burning dollar bills. Meanwhile the hoody features a big portrait of Benjamin Franklin, which is another symbolic representation of his name Blueface.

Blueface’s deal was never confirmed as for what he got from Fashionova, but we know it was a nice chunk of change. Hell, The Game turned down over $1 million dollars to do the same thing last year, so you know Blueface got a nice blue check for this.

Check out some of the clothes (below) and cop them over at Fashionova's website right here.