Blac Youngsta Becomes The Milk Man In Hilarious "Cut Up" Video

Alex Zidel
May 09, 2019 14:44

Blac Youngsta might just get with your mom in the video for "Cut Up."

For years, we've been amused by Blac Youngsta's antics online. He doesn't take himself too seriously with his public persona but when he needs to, he's always available to remind folks that he's straight out of Memphis. His new Cut Up EP might only be three songs long but it shows several different sides of the rapper. There's obviously the hilarious rhymes and intermittent "whore" ad-libs but on other offerings, he's actually quite menacing and convincing. "Cut Up" is the lightest joint of the three and for the official video, he's opted to become the Milk Man, entering your home with a jar of milk before possibly getting with your mom.

Youngsta rides through a wealthy neighbourhood in his truck, flirting with all of the ladies he encounters. With his irrefutable charm, the artist manages to bag several middle-aged women in the flick, busting a move in front of his truck and even getting a few girls to dance on the stripper poles that are randomly placed on somebody's front lawn.

Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts.

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