Recently, Blac Chyna sat down for an interview with Wendy Williams to discuss the arrival of her new reality television show, The Real Blac Chyna. The starlet revealed she would be sharing intimate details of her life in a never-before-seen way wherein she will delve into the personal and raw facets of her life. Considering that was the case, it would be fair to assume the show would capture the star's rocky relationship with her mother Tokyo Toni. And although the two recently reconciled, we note a considerably long streak of animosity between them. As such, the teaser which was dropped by Blac Chyna captures just that.

The 15-second video showed a fed-up Blac Chyna standing near her mother. Tokyo Toni is obviously aggravated and begins berating her, telling Chyna she needs "to get straight" and acquire a "therapist." As Chyna attempts to smoke and ignore Toni, her mother continues to taunt her. In due time, the two get in each other's faces and begin throwing insults at one another. Finally, Chyna asks for Tokyo Toni to leave and she does so willingly. Though as she does, anger takes over Chyna and she begins throwing things at her. Security steps in to calm the situation down. 

Evidently, we can expect loads of drama from the upcoming series. Will you be tuning in?