When Wendy Williams invites guests onto her show, you know she'll be asking the tough questions. Today, Blac Chyna had a major announcement to get off her chest, letting the world know about her latest foray into reality television and speaking on how crazy her life has been over the last year. Wendy can surely relate, going through a break-up of her own right now but Chyna lived through a sex tape leak, several different partners, tons of backlash and controversies, and more. She gave a taste of all that during her appearance on the Wendy Williams Show but one moment that stood out was when Chyna had to choose who the better lover was out of her two baby daddies. Her answer may be surprising to some.

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Wendy Williams came through asking who's better in bed between Tyga and Rob Kardashian and before being forced to answer, Chyna tried to cop out by answering "neither." After giving it some thought and looking back on her experiences with both celebrities, the former stripper gave the winning edge to Rob Kardashian. She appeared uncomfortable answering the question but she did say that Rob is a "better lover."

During the interview, she speaks about being sexually attracted to Rob when he was heavier, noting that it was "different" for her. She also said that they got intimate early on in their relationship, sleeping together after they met for the fifth time. Are you surprised at her pick?