Jacquees stirred up a whole lot of controversy last week when he claimed he was the "King of R&B." The singer was quickly roasted by the internet and then his comments were disputed by everyone. Some claimed that Jacquees should feel that way while others say that the Cash Money singer hasn't made as much of an impact to say that. However, Birdman is reportedly riding for his artist on this one.

According to TMZ, sources close to Birdman say that he's backing up Jacquees claim as the King of R&B and thinks anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. Birdman has surprisingly not said anything about this publicly. More than anything though, the Cash Money co-founder feels like Jacquees should have that type of confidence and let the world know how he feels. 

Jacquees might not be backing down from his claim anytime soon, especially after Birdman's validation. During an encounter with Keith Sweat this past weekend, Jacquees doubled down on the title of the King of R&B of this generation. “This the king from back then. I’m the king for right now. This Keith Sweat. Big Sweat. But, it’s Big Que," the Cash Money singer said. Sweat refuted that he's still getting the bag but Jacquees quickly replied, “He getting a bag, but 16 to 25 is my generation. I’m the king.”