This weekend, some of R&B’s brightest stars gathered in Atlanta for the radio station V103’s annual WinterFest concert as the likes of Tory Lanez, Trey Songz, H.E.R., DVSN, and Jacquees outfitted the bill. The show is known for supplying its fair share of special guests every year and this time around, veteran crooner Keith Sweat was among the host of surprises tucked away in the city’s State Farm Arena.

TMZ was on site and naturally, decided to ask Keith Sweat of his thoughts on the brewing King Of R&B debate, stirred up by Jacquees. The reporter, however, made the mistake of posing the question right when Jacquees and his crew were walking by.

In the clip, he approaches Sweat: “You are the king.” Before he can finish though, he is interrupted by an outcry of surprise by someone on Jacquees’s camp who alerts the Cash Money singer to the conversation that is taking place. It doesn’t take long for Jacquees to rush to the camera and once more assert: “I’m the king.” He lends dap to Keith and begins, “This the king from back then. I’m the king for right now. This Keith Sweat. Big Sweat. But, it’s Big Que.”

Larry French/Getty Images

As soon as his point is made, Jacquees attempts to make quick dash, but “Big Sweat” quickly pulls the singer back into his embrace and cautions him to make no mistake about it: “I’m still getting that bag. I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

Jacquees offers a quick reply: “He getting a bag, but 16 to 25 is my generation. I’m the king.” With that, he makes his smooth exit and leaves Keith Sweat to ponder what just took place.

The reporter follows up by asking Keith Sweat if he’s willing to pass the torch in light of these developments. But, a member of his team answers firmly: “Ain’t no torch to pass.”