Tyga's doing just fine without Cash Money but unfortunately, his legal battle with them is still ongoing. The "Dip" rapper sued Cash Money claiming the label owes him millions in royalties they never paid him for years. Now, Birdman's defense has been revealed and the Cash Money CEO has flipped the script of Tyga. 

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The tables have turned for Tyga who sued Birdman for $10M over royalties owed to him. The Blast reports that Birdman has denied he owes anything to Tyga, in fact, he says that Tyga's the one who owes him. Birdman said the "Floss In The Bank" rapper owes Cash Money back a significant amount of money over record label advances.

"There are no royalties due and payable to Plaintiff under the referenced 2016 Release and Termination Agreement or otherwise. While revenue has been generated from the exploitation of Plaintiff’s recordings, Plaintiff was paid advances against royalties owed and numerous recoupable expenses have been incurred," Cash Money claimed in court.

Adding, “As a result, Plaintiff’s royalty account is significantly unrecouped. Plaintiff has been provided access to a royalty accounting system and the data in that system reflects Plaintiff’s unrecouped status.”

Birdman claims Cash Money handed Tyga accounting statements in November which the rapper is still looking over. 

Tyga previously sued Cash Money for allegedly refusing to pay him royalties for his albums Careless World and Hotel California.