If you're a Jacquees fan, you already knew that the Cash Money singer had a project in the works with Birdman called Lost At Sea. Now, we know when the project is dropping, as Birdman and Jacquees took to their respective social media accounts to reveal the artwork as well as the release date. 

The project will be available May 7th, which makes it the 3rd Birdman project arriving within the next few months, as Ms. Gladys impacts June 24th, while Rich Gang: The Lifestyle 2 is out July 1st.

In our recent interview with Jacquees, he told us a little bit about what to expect from the projec.

"Lost at Sea
is different from all my other projects because this is the first I’ll be doing a whole project with another artist. And I’m really versatile on this project," he said. "So you know like records like “Like Baby” where I’m swangin’ – You know, I call my rapping ‘swangin’’ cause its not real rap.  It’s swangin’, its melodic. So I’m doing a lot of swangin’ on the project.  A lot of R&B records too.  The music’s just dope. It’s a new wave for Rich Gang."

Read the full interview here, and listen to the singer's mood project, which features a couple of strong Bird collabs, here.