President Donald Trump has angered millions of people throughout his presidency thanks to his divisive politics that have people on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum. His handling of anti-racism protesters has given people further reasons to dislike him and when you look at the polls, it is quite clear that people are looking for a change. Perhaps the best example of his disdain for protests can be found in his recent remarks about how kneeling during the National Anthem is disrespectful to the American flag.

NBA legend Bill Russell saw these comments and came out on Twitter with some shots at the President. Russell called the commander in chief a "coward" and even noted that he is very divisive. These remarks were followed up with a photo of Russell kneeling in his own home while wearing the Presidential medal of freedom.

"#Trump you projected your narrative that #TakingAKnee is disrespectful & #UnAmerican it was never about that! You are divisive & a coward. It takes true courage 2 stand 4 what is right & risk your life in the midst of a #pandemic," Russell wrote.

Since his playing days, Russell has always been a huge advocate for equal rights and even now, he continues to fight for what he believes in. It's a truly admirable thing and you can't help but respect it, whatever your politics may be.