Big Shaq Removes The Jacket In Groundbreaking "Man Don't Dance"

Mitch Findlay
June 11, 2018 12:50

Man might have gotten a little bit hot.

An era has passed, with the unzipping of an iconic jacket. 

For those keeping score, "Grime" sensation Big Shaq has returned with a follow-up to last year's hard-yet-hilarious "Man's Not Hot." With a video boasting two-hundred-and-seventy-million views, "Man's Not Hot" deftly towed the line between parody and genuine banger, bringing onomatopoeia back to the fold in reinvigorating fashion. With that one cemented in our collective memory, many were left wondering what was next for comedian Michael Dappah, better known as Big Shaq. Luckily, the young talent has managed to convincingly expand the lore surrounding his lyrically gifted brainchild.

Enter "Man Don't Dance," a variation on the formula established by its predecessor. While Shaq still draws a hard-lined stance on what he does and does not do, the man has managed to display some shocking personal growth. Gone are the days of donning the jacket.  Come 2018, Big Shaq is embracing the right to bare arms. 

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