Fans were disappointed when Andre 3000 did not make an appearance on Big Boi’s latest solo LP Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.  The duo have not collaborated in some time, and eyebrows have been raised about the status of Outkast, but to show their solidarity, Daddy Fat Sax had planned to jump on remixes to two big features that featured ‘Dre, and now says the first, “Pink Matter” will be dropping very soon.

Chopping it up with Jenny Boom Boom on Hartford’s Power 93.7, Big Boi was asked about the upcoming remix to Frank Ocean’s  “Pink Matter”, the Atlanta rapper said it was always his intention to be on the record, “I was supposed to originally be on the record, and I was busy doing my record, and we didn’t want to commercially release an Outkast song on someone else’s album.”

Fans can expect this version of the track to drop soon as Sir Lucious Left Foot says he already recorded the verse, and it should be available this week, “gonna put a little verse on [‘Pink Matter’], and bust it down, which I did that last week.  So we gonna let that go...probably in the next day or two.”

He is also supposed to appear on a remix to T.I.’s “Sorry” which features an apologetic verse from Three Stacks directed towards his Outkast partner.