Bhad Bhabie A.K.A. Danielle Bregoli is set to embark on her European tour kicking things off in Spain on July 6th and hitting up major cities in her six-day stint. It will be the 15-year-old's first time on the other side of the pond and she's already planning what she'll spend her money on when she gets back.

TMZ caught up with the young rapper to see how she's going to spend her hard earned money and what her first purchase would be, asking if rumours about house shopping are true. When confirmed they are and that she's eyeing the San Fernando Valley, Danielle also explains how she's looking to drop 4-5 million dollars. Why? Well apparently her whole entourage lives with her so she needs to make enough room for everyone. 

As for her mom moving in, she's not so sure, only entertaining the idea of her living in the pool house or garage. 

In other Bhad Bhabie news, the former Dr. Phil star shared a serious message after the death of XXXtentacion telling all the " 6ix9ines and all these Trippie Redds" to wake up. "I feel like we just need to take this, as much as we're gonna miss him and everything, we just need to take this in," she said. "It needs to be a wake-up call for all these 6ix9ines and all these Trippie Redds and all these motherfuckers who wanna act all tough and all hard and then when people really get ahold of them... like it's not funny anymore. Like, we lost X cause of this cause people wanna act all big and bad."