Her legitimate transition from talk show guest to all-out rap act has taken just under a year's time. Yes, Danielle Bregoli AKA Bhad Bhabie can now lay claim to a gold-minted record, that's 500k units or 75 Million streams across several platforms for 'Hi Bich.'

First came the immediate attention via Instagram and livestream, which she quickly parlayed into brand trust and a merch table. Her iconic flip of the Champion logo made her a decent penny until her catch phrase kind of worse itself out. She then starred in 'Everything 1k,' while Kodak was a wantaway or basically in his balaclava phase. That appearance led to other associations with industry types, until Atlantic Records effectively came-a-knocking, signing her to a 360 deal worth in the millions.

She took some of that bread to her pay off her mother's mortgage, making good on their supposed differences. Her mother has since done a complete 180, playing possum for as long as they shall both live under one roof. Everything about the Bregoli come-up is fascinating, especially the miscues, but they seem to be happening less and less.

As far as we can tell, she is being properly groomed as an artist. Rest assured she's only getting started. 

[via TMZ]