Bhad Bhabie scored the first original series produced by Snapchat. The 15-year-old's  Bringing Up Bhabie debuts on the social media platform today and will air every weekday until February 19. The young artist hopes the venture will reveal unsee facets of her personality and work ethic. “I’m just really tired of people thinking that I don’t do nothing,” Bregoli told Billboardabout the public's perception of her rise to fame. “People think my team does everything for me, and it’s really not like that.”

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Her team includes her mother Barb, manager Adam Kluger, bodyguard Frank Dellatto and movement coach Deja Riley. The group is set to appear in the series as well. “Think they hot shit, It’s actually really annoying. My mom be thinkin’ shits about her,” Bhabie said. Still, she acknowledges their value, noting that it's “important that people see what managers are used for.”

Riley has definitely helped the teen glow up since they were paired together through Atlantic. “[Dani] could barely walk on beat,” the coach remarked about the star's beginnings. “Her work ethic and drive exceed most artists in the industry that are twice her age.”

“Dani really has such a big heart. Behind all of the wild lyrics and tough chick persona, she loves hard. The general public hasn’t gotten a chance to get a glimpse into her fun-loving, softer side,” Riley added.