If you've been anywhere near social media today, you'll know good and well that it's Beyonce's birthday, or as most celebrating will tell you -- the most important event of the year. While her fans bring in the occasion with gleeful praise of their queen, Bey will be out in Camp David, spending the weekend with Michelle Obama and her two daughters, Malia and Sasha, and she's brought her own daughter, Blue Ivy along with her.

Bey and Blue were spotted getting off a private jet in Maryland, where there were set to meet up with the Obamas. Barack is currently on a trip to China, and so far, there's been no sign of Jay Z, so we could be looking at an all girls Labor Day, here (though it's certainly possible Hov could show up at some point).

We're sure a teenage music fan like Malia didn't need much convincing to chill with mom this weekend when she was told Bey would be around.

In case you missed it, Beyonce stole the show at last week's MTV VMAs. You can relive her performance of the perfectly abridged LEMONADE here.