Parents often go too far when they dress their kids up for halloween, stuffing their kids into elaborate looking costumes and taking photos of the uncomfortable child. Rarely are they actually remarkable, until today.

A woman named Krystel Hwang dressed up her two kids as: 1. some type of murderer with a bloody knife and 2. a decapitated kid with her head on a plate. The decapitated girl costume looks strikingly real, likely because the 2-year-old girl inside it is able to have heard sticking out at the middle of a body slightly larger than hers without it looking weird. Here's maya, the headless 2-year-old:

And her sister, who's dressed to look like she cut the head:

The costume has gotten worldwide attention and some of that has come back to Maya, who can be seen here watching herself on TV:

Amid concerns that it's bit much to dress your toddler in an elaborate, gory, headless costume, the mother responded: