Beanz Breaks Down Why "Belly" Is Her GOAT Movie In "Top 5"

Mitch Findlay
November 06, 2020 15:57

Beanz explains why "Belly" is her favorite movie of all time, breaks down her favorite cereals, and more on HNHH's "Top 5."

Today marks the arrival of our brand new Top 5 episode which features Pennsylvania rapper Beanz holding it down in the driver's seat. Having gained widespread recognition for her stint on Rhythm & Flow, Beanz quickly seized the momentum and continued to impress on the lyrical tip. Now, following the release of her recent single "Pressure," Beanz took a moment to reflect on some of her favorites things -- starting with her Top 5 favorite movies. 

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"I'm going to say Belly," she begins, crowning the DMX and Nas-led flick as her favorite movie of all time. "The message behind it is so deep, if you actually pay attention to what the movie is, it's really deeper than that." When asked what film she'd like to have appeared in, her answer remains the same. "I could have been the girl that was mad young, dealing with DMX in it," she says, with a mischievous laugh. "So Belly is my favorite of all time. DMX is fire, Nas did a great job, which is dope. Keisha. The crib is crazy, I would love to have a crib like that."

While Belly is by far her number one movie, Beanz also praises Scorcese's classic Goodfellas, the 1993 De Niro picture A Bronx Tale, Paid In Full ("super classic") and Titanic, a deviation from the established pattern. "History is fire, I love Titanic!" she declares. "And I love any movie that has Adam Sandler in it. Adam Sandler is one of my favorite actors. Just Go With It by Adam Sandler is hilarious. Jim Carrey is fire too. The Mask is always going to be my favorite movie from Jim Carrey. The Mask is untouched."

For more from Beanz, including her take on the Top 5 restaurants, TV shows, headwear, and more, check out the full video right here. 

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