Rick Ross' 2014 was dominated by two huge albums, with March's Mastermind arriving after months of promo, and November's no-less-gargantuan Hood Billionaire coming as more of a surprise. When asked why he chose to become the first major-label rap artist to release two studio albums in one year since 2010, the typically braggadocios Rozay responded: "That’s how bosses do it, ya heard me? That cake so stacked up we ain’t even gotta do that. Then if we text Def Jam you know they’ll bring that bag." In retrospect, it was good that the MMG bawse realized that his career wasn't riding on the success of the latter album, because it failed to reach 50% of its predecessor's first week sales numbers. Along with that, neither album garnered much critical praise, with both appearing on the bottom of our recent ranking of Ross' seven albums

This year, Ross has been much less in-your-face, not unveiling any ambitious promotional campaigns or huge singles, but rather hovering under the radar or behind the scenes, two pretty unlikely locales for his larger-than-life presence. After slowly rebuilding hype around recent mixtape Black Dollar and an ensuing string of loosies, the marketing wiz has wisely realized that the time is ripe for another album, and thusly announced a December release for Black Market today. 

After a 2014 that felt a little excessive and self-centered (though still produced some bangers), Rozay has effectively restructured not only his career, but also his label. Here are three ways he's been operating differently in 2015.