Never one to miss an opportunity to release a new collaborative collection, Japanese streetwear staple BAPE is here with a new Valentine’s Day collection. To mark the romantic holiday, they’ve teamed up with cartoon character and gift company Sanrio. Baby Milo appears in adorable pairings with both the Hello Kitty and My Melody characters.

The designs on the shirts feature both brand’s iconic characters in full view, both holding a heart or a chocolate covered banana. The designs featuring the grown up ape silhouette have not-so-subtle Valentine’s Day touches, such as hearts in the BAPE logo and hearts instead of eyes on the ape head.

We’re just bummed BAPE didn’t take the opportunity to go the risque route and put both Hello Kitty and My Melody on a shirt together with Baby Milo. Everything is set to go on sale February 11 online, just before Valentine’s Day. Each shirt will retail for $69. While you're thinking about BAPE, check out the $30,000 Rolex watch they just created with NEIGHBORHOOD.