A lucky break for Jackass star, Bam Margera, today, as he was not sentenced to jail time for his two counts of driving under the influence. 

Margera was arrested back in January, when he was talking on his cell phone as he drove past some police officers who were in the middle of stopping another car. The officers proceeded to pull him over as well, and noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath, subjecting him to a sobriety test, and eventually charging him with two counts of driving under the influence. 

Thankfully, no one was hurt while Margera was driving the car. Perhaps in part because of that, TMZ has reported that Margera will not serve any time in prison. However, he hasn't gotten off scot-free either, as he was instead sentenced to three years of probation, mandatory attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, as well as the payment of several fines and fees. It was reported that Margera had checked himself into a rehab clinic shortly after his original arrest. 

Drug and alcohol abuse has been a common issue for many of the Jackass stars. One of the show's stars, Steve-O, has been very open about his struggle to overcome his drug addiction after the show, and Ryan Dunn, another one of the show's stars, tragically lost his life in a drunk driving accident in 2011. 

Here's hoping that Margera can learn from this experience, and continue to get the help that he needs in order to make his way towards recovery.