Last week, Mark Ruffalo caused a stir when he seemed to have revealed the title for the upcoming Avengers movie. The film is very likely the most anticipated blockbuster slated to release next year and any information regarding it has crowds going wild. The Hulk actor came through with a few spoilers during a late night television appearance and while it ended up just being an elaborate troll job, the Russo Brothers, directors of Avengers 4, still decided to "fire" him on social media. Now that we know production has officially wrapped for the upcoming film, we look out for any potential news about the flick. Just yesterday, the title and a description of the trailer were leaked online and now, the Russos continue to tease its impending arrival.

Anthony and Joe Russo shared a cryptic image on Twitter, noting that production had wrapped. Of course, Mark Ruffalo had to chime in as he had been "fired" just the week before. "And you fired me for a measly slip of the title?" asked the actor before the filmmakers doubled down on their previous claims. "You’re still fired, Mark," tweeted the Russo brothers.

Marvel has done an incredible job at keeping information regarding Avengers 4 on lockdown. The validity of the trailer description is up in the air and so far, all that's been revealed are a few of the costumes. Avengers 4 will be released on May 3, 2019.