August Alsina ended 2018 on a very sad note when his sister sadly passed away on Christmas day. His sister left behind three daughters who are now under his care, since their father previously passed as well. August has been staying low key since the tragic event, understandably, but recently he caught up with The Shade Room to detail just where he is mentally.  

“I’m going through my process. I’m going through my journey," he said when asked how he's doing. "And I’m not looking for any sympathy because I know that God has me even when I feel that God doesn’t. Even when I’m talking to God in a rage and I can’t hear God responding to me. I’m just in a space where I know that there are certain things you can learn about God through suffering.”

He detailed how he's suffering while watching his nieces are suffering, and how he feels about not being able to give them their parents back. "And them seeing me as a person who can always fix something for them. And this is a situation that I can’t fix. I just continue to walk by faith and not what I see. Because people are dying," he said. 

August also detailed his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith, someone who he's opened up a lot in the past - check it out below.