Rhymesayers rap duo Atmosphere are celebrating the ten years since they released their critically acclaimed album, Seven's Travels, by re-issuing the LP in vinyl. The album originally dropped in 2003 and hasn't been available on vinyl for seven years.

The re-release of Slug and Ant's third album, Seven's Travels, will drop on November 25th. The album will include two white pieces of vinyl, and a third bonus black vinyl will be included in the package with a double-sided 12-inch jacket. On the record you'll get bonus tracks, unreleased cuts and b-sides. In addition, purchasing the vinyl will get you a free digital download.

The project is set to include 27 selections, with only 3,000 numbered copies set to be released.

Atmosphere have been dropping albums since 1997's Overcast!, their most recent being the 2011 The Family Sign.

Check out the re-issue tracklisting, including bonus tracks, below.

1. "History"

2. "Trying to Find a Balance"

3. "Bird Sings Why the Caged I Know"

4. "Reflections"

5. "Gotta Lotta Walls"

6. "The Keys to Life vs. 15 Minutes of Fame"

7. "Apple"

8. "Suicidegirls"

9. "Jason"

10. "Cats Van Bags"

11. "Los Angeles"

12. "Lifter Puller"

13. "Shoes"

14. "National Disgrace" 

15. "Denvemolorado"

16. "Liquor Lyles Cool July"

17. "Good Times (Sick Pimpin')"

18. "In My Continental" 

19. "Always Coming Back Home to You" 

20. "Say Shh"

21. "DMFD"

22. "On the Battlefield" 

23. "Quiet Pimpin'"

24. "My Songs"

25. "A Song We Made With Sage"

26. "Knock Knock Joke 2"

27. "Masters of War (Reinterpretation)"