The A$AP Mob has definitely been quiet in 2014. Recently, that started changing, as the man behind the scenes, Yams, announced they had a renewed focus on the crew's solo albums, rather than the collaborative album L.O.R.D which has been put on hold. Flacko Jodye season begun with A$AP Rocky's extremely well-received single "Multiply," and now Yams continues to speak out on what else the Mob has in store, and why exactly they've been so silent this past year.

While talking to XXL, Yams said, "It’s been a dry-ass year musically." He continued later, "We’re not going to disappear anytime soon. You’re about to hear a lot from us in the [next] couple of months. We honestly have been very quiet. It’s been a stale ass year. Nothing has inspired us to drop nothing. So we went back to the drawing board with it. It’s drawing board season right now. It’s been a lot of wack shit. So it’s like, how are we going to fuck them up right now? How are we going to shake up the world right now? If you ain’t trying to shake up the world, you ain’t going to shake up shit."

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Yams also spoke on the respective sounds of A$AP underdogs Nast and Twelvvy, saying, "Nast's style is so crazy because he can hop on anything. He’s kind of a chameleon. You can hear him on something with 808s. Something that Pimp C would've rapped on. Something that you could hear Nas rap on. That’s how versatile he is musically. I think Nast is really the best in New York, lyrically, in my opinion. That’s just me being very forward

Twelvy just got the raw New York shit down pat. We not trying to sound like nothing, we’re trying to bring something back. It sounds up to date, it sounds new. Twelvyy is filling the void that’s not really filled yet, especially with the younger MCs from NYC. We’re just going to take over both sides of the New York shit from both elements."

Finally, he says a word or two on what happened with the L.O.R.D album, which may or may not actually be entirely scrapped as he first alleged-- "The people will find out when it's time to find out. That’s not the focus for us right now. The album took a turn creatively, like, four different times. When it came down to it, it didn’t sound the way we wanted it to sound: perfection."