ASAP Rocky has been on absolute fire recently. In the last week he dropped "Electric Body" with Schoolboy Q, the "LSD" video, and gave an interview in which he discussed having sex with nine women at SXSW while on LSD. 

The last couple weeks he's been collaborating with Robert Gallardo to turn his Instagram account into an extended art project, with several murals spanning hundreds of pictures. Some of the murals comprise of large swaths of blank images, which resulted in ASAP losing 100,000 IG followers. Gallardo told Complex that their goal was to attempt “modern day fine art, just delivered to you differently because of the times we live in.”

HNHH applauds ASAP for this use of Instagram for something beyond the typical chaff and self-promotional crap that usually ends up there. ASAP stays flexing his creative muscles, and it’s this sort of outside-the-box mindset that has led him to become one of the most influential artists in the game.

[via AllHipHop]