Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky's new track "Who Dat Boy" follows "What the Fuck Right Now" and "Telephone Calls" in a series of great collaborations. After performing the song live for the very first time at the Agenda festival in Long Beach, CA, it was clear that Rocky and Tyler are aware of how great their on-record chemistry is. 

"That song is from motherfucking December 2015, and that was the first time we just performed it," said Tyler. "That was crazy."

At that point, Rocky said what's been on everyone's minds for a while now. "We might as well motherfuckin' put a tape out or some shit, we need to," he suggested. However, Tyler foresaw the hype that such a casual statement would drum up from fans. "Deadass, why did you say that? Now message boards are going to get their hopes up," he replied.

Still, Rocky could not be swayed, continuing to hold Tyler to a collab: "We need to make a tape, bro, it's only right!"

Rather than give confirmation, Tyler simply launched into the next track. The rapper's fourth solo project Scum Fuck Flower Boy will be released this Friday, July 21st, and will feature his latest collab with Rocky. Watch some more clips from the performance below.