A$AP Rocky's Testing is in its infancy, but that hasn't stopped the internet at large from voicing their opinions on the project. While many have braced themselves for the obvious experimental sound, it appears the eclectic and unconventional production proved challenging for some listeners. Granted, Rocky has often prided himself on setting new waves, wearing his trendsetter badge for all to see. Such is indeed the case on Testing, which employs a generally lo-fi, unconventional production aesthetic. 

While the endless voices of the Twitter-verse seemed to feel like a Rocky-bashing echo-chamber, the HNHH community were far more amenable to Rocky's product. Many of our users seemed to appreciate the journey, despite a few disappointed naysayers. In some ways, Testing plays out like an alternative album, albeit one grounded in hip-hop conventions. It goes to show that Rocky will never succumb to trend-hopping, even if there are some who actively wish for his conformity. 

While it's still early, Testing sounds like an album that will boast high replay value, and probably require a few listens to fully soak in. Personally, I'm more than willing to let it unfold. What do ya'll think? Did A$AP come through with another worthy chapter of his legacy?