The testing period continues. A$AP Rocky has followed up several mysterious drops with a new teaser for his upcoming, untitled album. Though many have already begun to think of the project as Testing, official confirmation has yet to occur. Either way, it's clear that Flacko is running with the crash test dummies motif. And while A$AP's previous "testing" tracks were met with mixed reviews, the instrumental on display here is undeniably fire. Backed by footage of a lightning storm and some horror movie woods, Rocky posts up with an abundance of jewelry. His facial expression speaks volumes; he's about to make a statement with this one.

There's only so much one can say about a fifteen second instrumental, but the idea of hearing Rocky going in over this is certainly promising. Perhaps it's a snippet from the album's first single? Recall that back in early February, A$AP Rocky told a Berlin audience that his album was finished, so it stands to reason that the promotional roll-out will kick off imminently, starting with this official teaser. Knowing Rocky, a single may follow without warning; he's constantly finding ways to keep the fans on their toes.

Peep the teaser below, and picture A$AP Rocky going in over this eerie banger. The future holds such promise, does it not?