A$AP Rocky has been on a promo binge since the release of his album Long.Live.A$AP, which included a trip to London where he met up with Life + Times. During their conversation, Rocky discussed his album sales in light of the early leak, the possibility of working with two female Harlem rappers, misconceptions about him and more.

A$AP Rocky was asked about his album leak, and how upset he was when it happened. Rocky says he was upset at first, and also reveals that his mom partook in the illegal downloading of his RCA debut. "At first. A lot. I can’t lie. But then when I started seeing the great responses I was like… “Fine!” We still got to number one. My mom thought that the leak would affect the sales and if I’m honest, it did affect sales but how do you still manage to be number one? It leaked over a month early too. That’s fucking crazy! It just goes to show people really fuck with ya boy out here. My mom downloaded the album illegally by the way," Rocky said.

He also listed some of his favorite cuts off the LP, "Man, I just hope they connect with the album. “Phoenix” is good, “Suddenly” is good, “Long Live A$AP” is good, Angels is good, “LVL” is good… There’s a lot on there that people can relate to."

The Harlemite spoke on the possibility of collaborating with Teyana Taylor and Azealia Banks, who both hail from Harlem and also happened to have dated members of the A$AP Mob. "I used to date Teyana. She’s my ex," Rocky revealed. "And A$AP AV used to date Azealia. But yeah I don’t know because I think people expect that. People expect us to work together and I want to do the unexpected. There’s 16 tracks on the album, eight are solo and eight are features. But they’re organic. It fits for me. That’s the only reason why I did them. I didn’t want to do something that made it feel like I was forcing it. I didn’t want to compromise or settle, I just wanted everything to be organic. That’s why I worked with the people I respected creatively. I want to collaborate with Jessie Ware. That’s going to happen. Also MGMT. I’d love to work with Adele."

Finally the lead Mob member spoke on whether or not he feels any pressure in the rap game, especially to make sure other A$AP Mob members get their shine. "I don’t feel no pressure," Rocky said. "Not at all. Sometimes I get doubtful but I don’t feel pressure. Like I doubted my album wouldn’t sell because it leaked over a month early, and I don’t know anybody who could do that from their first album. So at this point the pressure has all gone."

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