After seeing the video, we get the idea ASAP Rocky has experimented with the drug his recent A.L.L.A. single is named after, which a new interview with the New York Post confirms. 

Rocky says he was recently given LSD by Makonnen (who famously no longer sells molly) at SXSW, and he had quite the trip: "This nigga looked like Buddha with a Jheri curl!" 

After parting ways with Makonnen, Rocky went back to his mansion, where he proceeded to have sex with nine women. Not all at once, but in groups of three-- three successive orgies throughout the span of his trip. 

After a night like that, it's no surprise LSD has been a muse for Rocky, but he claims he's not reliant on the drug: "Nah, I don't rely on that shit. Look at me -- I'm cozy. I do smoke weed every day, though." 

The interview closed with Rocky speaking on his recent entry into the film world which, he hopes, is just the beginning: "I'd like to be in the next 'Oceans' movie...I think it would be 'Oceans 14.' And I also want to play Rick James. That would be some hilarious shit."