During a BET Awards afterparty at 1OAK early Sunday morning in LA, a fight broke out, with A$AP Rocky's name caught in the aftermath. This is the third altercation we've reported on just this morning, in wake of the BET Awards last night.

TMZ reports on the beef, of course. Rocky was performing at 1OAK, where Kendrick Lamar also performed, when he apparently got jumped by one man, after a rendition of "Happy Birthday." A scuffle apparently broke out near the main stage, some of which was caught on video below. Rocky was exiting the stage, when he got sucked into the fight due to his proximity. The cops were called to the scene, and showed up around 1:57 AM, at which time everything had settled and the fight instigator had left. Reports say no arrests were made, and there were no injuries.

ASAP Rocky was stopped by TMZ camermen following the incident, watch what he had to say below.