When Tyler, The Creator dropped the new collection to his GOLF line many fans were probably hitting the web trying to get their orders in before the colourful t-shirts, pants and bucket hats sold out. Now, anyone who missed out (or anyone in Los Angeles) can head down to his brand new permanent store in Fairfax. 

Before the official store opening that will be this Thursday (October 26th) Tyler, of course, had a soft opening with some of his OFWGKTA crew and friends - Kylie Jenner, A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean included. Thanks to loyal GOLFWANG fans, tons of pictures were uploaded to Instagram that showed off the party and what's to expect from the store opening, we're talking a skate bowl, attractive wallpaper and clothing that we have yet to see from Tyler's collection. Check out the pics below.

Back in 2015, The Cherry Bomb rapper spoke with Vogue magazine on his clothing line detailing how all the art direction, designs and everything from the way the models pose is all done by him. 

"I draw out everything before I make it. From videos to clothes to certain shots for my pictures, I usually draw everything out," he said. "I’m actually a designer. It’s not a team of people. For the lookbook, I picked the background, I picked the outfit, I tell them how to pose, I set everything up, I do the finishing edits on all the photos. I’m more hands-on than people think. I pick which pieces come out at the first drop. This is my clothing line."

When asked about the inspiration to make his clothing brand (that launched in 2010), Tyler doesn't relate it to any "deep meaning."

"I just make what I want to wear, and I have a platform that people who would also like it can buy. You gotta make what you know. I think that’s what a lot of lines lack. I put my personal life into my music, and I do it in my clothes, too."