The A$AP Mob have been making their impact on the hip hop landscape, with most recently dropping their group collabo project Lord$ Never Worry, and of course A$AP Rocky’s chart topping studio debut.  Now, after singing with Polo Grounds Music/RCA, A$AP Ferg will be dropping a solo mixtape Trap Lord, which he plans to drop around late February or early March. 

In an interview with XXL, the “Work” rapper, announced his plan to drop the mixtape and come out from being under Rocky’s shadow.  “My plan is to drop this Trap Lord mixtape, shake the world up a little bit, turn the world upside down. Y’all seen A$AP get the lawsuits and fight and all of this crazy stuff, now I want y’all to see the fun part,”Ferg goes onto mention the A$AP front man, “I’ve been in the passenger seat with Rocky driving for a while. Now it’s the part where they see what success brings you.”

Discussing when fans can expect the project, it looks as if it’s only four to six weeks away, “I’m looking at the end of February, early March...This is the first shit I’m even putting together with numbers, with songs. So I wanna make sure it’s something special, I’m giving it my all. That’s why it’s kind of taking long.”

Hyping the project up, the A$AP Mob member feels as if he will be the next big name to emerge in the game, “After this mixtape drop, you gonna hear everybody sound change. They gonna wanna know who’s working on my project ’cause it’s gonna sound that crazy. The best part is teaming up with these young rocket scientists that know what they doing.”