Arian Foster Reveals Why "4:44" Is His Favorite Jay-Z Album & More

Mitch Findlay
April 27, 2018 11:08

Arian Foster is a man of many talents.

We recently had the honor of chopping it up with Arian Foster, known to some as Bobby Feeno. Known primarily as a former player of the Houston Texans, Foster recently slid into the rap game with the release of his new album Flamingo & Koval, which dropped today. Throughout the conversation, Foster opened up about his love for Jay-Z, his budding music career, and more.

"I didn't grow up on Jay-Z like everybody grew on Jay-Z," admits Foster. "I didn't listen to Jay-Z till 2009...I never dug into his catalog until 2009. When I did, it changed my opinion obviously. I think he's the greatest album of all time...When I look at Jay-Z's catalog, I don't have those same emotions that people do about Reasonable Doubt...When 4:44 dropped, I'm a thirty year old man. 4:44 is grown-up talk. It's dealing with issues I'm dealing with in my day-to-day life. Talking about finance. Talking about infidelity. Real issues adults go through and how to circumnavigate around those things in order to be a successful adult."

For more from Arian Foster, catch the entire video right here. Also, be sure to catch some of his Tidal-exclusive documentary below (the entire series can be viewed on Tidal), especially if you're interested in his storyline.

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