What was once old (news) is new again.

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London, the former couple who announced their break-up in November, have sparked rumors that they are back together after being spotted enjoying the action courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers' Christmas Day matchup against the Minnesota Timberwolves. In social media pictures that both individuals posted, things sure don't look that cold between the two of them. Check out those posts below.

The Instagram caption from London is particularly telling, reading: "This dm went far asf huh?" There's no indication as to what may have been said in the alleged message, nor how long the couple may have spent back together after publicly calling it quits. This comes amid the story that Nipsey may or may not have revisited a past relationship with his first baby mama Tanisha. At the time, BET reported that she says she and the rapper "never broke up" in the first place. Talk about awkward.

Despite the Lakers' photos causing quite the stir on social media, nothing has been confirmed by either Hussle or London as of this writing. For those who were a fan of them as a couple previous to their conscious uncoupling earlier this year, all fingers will surely be crossed for it to work out this time around.