The latest season of the hit adult cartoon series Archer recently concluded, and fans don't know what to think about how everything ended. The last season, dubbed  Danger Island, ended with the main character, Sterling Archer, being killed off. The series has jumped from genre to genre, and has included circumstances that don't always exist along the same time continuum. Fans of the series are not sure whether Archer will remain dead, or if the latest season was just a branch on an overall narrative that will see the protagonist return. Speaking with UPROXXseries co-creator Adam Reed opened up about Archer's shocking death, and what to expect next. 

"For the overall story, I don’t know. It seemed like a good way to put, I guess, an exclamation point, sort of, on the end of that chapter of Archer," Reed stated about the death.  "I don’t know that it was necessarily important to the overall story. I guess maybe in one sense it sort of, you know, there is going to be another season of Archer and [when] he dies, maybe it sort of lets you know that boundaries aren’t as finite as they once were… maybe? But I think, really, it was probably just trying to make a noise as a writer and surprise viewers."