Apple's latest update to their operating system for iPhone's comes equipped with a feature called Screen Time, which effectively tracks how many hours an individual spends on their mobile device. 

The company now joins Google and Facebook in helping its users spend more meaningful time on their gadgets, rather than wasting countless hours browsing insignificant content. 

Screen Time will tally the amount of time spent on an iPhone by day and week, whilst also revealing which application is used the most. This new feature will also reveal how many notifications an individual receives and how often they pick up their phone; this information will be tabulated in a weekly report. 

"Each person has to make the decision when they get their numbers as to what they would like to do," reveals Apple's CEO Tim Cook. 

Dr. Larry Rosen, a psychologist and published author who focuses on how technology effects society, discloses how "the biochemistry of your brain is urging you to check in. That's really hard to change." He refers to the term nomophobia, which illustrates an individual's fear of being without their phone. Rosen notes how Screen Time, and other similar efforts, will not curb tech addiction as much as it will make society more aware of their habits.