There is no disputing that Antonio Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and that he is also one of the best players, period. The Oakland Raiders star had a falling out with the Pittsburgh Steelers during the offseason and is looking to bring some wins to his brand new home. Brown has been posting a ton of workout videos to his Instagram lately and so far, everything he is doing looks promising for the upcoming year. Perhaps the least promising thing about Brown is his foot situation. The star recently took to his IG story where he posted an image of the bottom of his feet, which might be the worst thing to grace the internet in quite some time.

As you can see from the image above, Brown has calluses and blisters all over his feet in what can only be described as "reptilian." Brown is definitely a shameless individual and based on the smile on his face in the picture, you can tell that he's quite proud of his unhealthy looking feet.

A new season of "Hard Knocks" will be premiering soon and the Raiders will be the subject of it so perhaps we will get to see his feet on the big screen in the future. God help us all.