In April, we reported that Antonio Brown settled a lawsuit with a man named Ophir Sternberg who claims Brown threw furniture from his apartment complex and almost hit his 22-month old son. Sternberg says him and his son were walking near the complex's pool when all of a sudden, pieces of furniture landed just in front of them. This led to Sternberg's son becoming traumatized and lawsuit eventually ensued. At the time of the settlement, there were no details as to Brown had to pay, although that's all changed thanks to legal documents acquired by TMZ.

It's being reported that Brown gave Sternberg an unspecified amount to put towards his son's college tuition fund, while Brown will also cut a check to a charity. Both parties are reportedly happy with this settlement and the case is considered to be closed as of this moment. 

Brown posted a statement to his Twitter account although he quickly deleted it. According to TMZ, Brown said "The legal dispute between Ophir Sternberg and me has been resolved with a confidential sum of funds being donated to charity. I am sorry that an incident occurred. I apologize for any statements we made in court filings or otherwise to Mr. Sternberg and family."

Brown will be looking to focus on football as he will be a central part of the Oakland Raiders this season.