Sunday, Antonio Brown's second grievance against the NFL in regard to his helmet choice was rejected.

While he's been up in arms about the league's refusal to allow him to wear the Schutt AiR Advantage that he's most comfortable with, it looks like Brown is flipping the drama into cold hard cash with brands reportedly creating customized helmets that they're willing to pay the athlete to wear.

Once he's come to a decision, he will be outfitted with his own custom model and a few extra bucks lining his pocket as he enters another season with the Raiders.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Brown's previously complained that the new helmets mandated by the NFL impair his vision on the field. The league declared that the Schutt model that he had been wearing was no longer compliant with the National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment policy, which does not allow players to wear a helmet that is older than 10 years. Brown's reaction was to skip out on days at training camp and file two failed grievances against the league. Now, the silver lining in all this has made its presence very much known.

In response to endorsement rumors, Brown's agent Drew Rosenhaus spoke n SiriusXM's NFL radio on Sunday and said that the whole scenario concluded with "a happy ending" and "a lot of money."