Amber Rose's NSFW Slut Walk promotional picture continues to stir strong emotions across the Internet.

British columnist Katie Hopkins leaned into Rose's feminist stance in a new editorial piece that compared the model/actress to a "rapper hoe." Additionally, while Hopkins applauds Rose's take-no-prisoners attitude, she doesn't think her pro-feminism angle to all this carries any water.

"I can applaud her no-s**t attitude. But I cannot accept this as anything other than a woman showing off her body, lovely as it is. Or her pubic hair, which has clearly benefited from a Tangle Teezer and Moroccan Oil." Hopkins added later on in the article that, "[...] naked Amber Rose is not a symbol of anything. Her naked body is not reclaiming the word 'slut' or enabling women to feel empowered [...] Exposing yourself online, even if you have not spread your legs or shown your vagina, is not empowerment."

Rose had called Hopkins' earlier comments on Twitter "conversative bulls**t," which you can view below. Something tells me this firestorm of a controversy isn't going away anytime soon.