Adidas and Reebok are coming for 53 fake sneaker sellers, including those advertising their counterfeit items on Instagram. According to The Fashion Law, Adidas and Reebok are seeking $2 million from each of the 53 defendants for each counterfeit trademark used, equalling a $106 million-plus damages claim.

In the suit, the brands take aim at social media platforms such as Facebook, which allows these sellers to boost their presence and ability to profit off fake sneakers by paying for sponsored posts.

Via The Fashion Law,

"The defendants – which are of “unknown makeup,” but likely China-based – are “advertising [and selling] these goods … through the simultaneous operation of, at least, one Internet e-commerce store or social media account via the Internet marketplace websites or social media platform,,, or” with the “knowledge and intent that such goods will be mistaken for the genuine quality goods offered for sale by adidas and/or Reebok.”"

The lawsuit maintains that the items in question are "substantially different" in terms of quality than the authentic Yeezys as well as other items and are therefore serving to "confuse" consumers and misleading them into thinking they’re purchasing official Adidas or Rebook products.

In addition to the $2 million from each party for every counterfeit trademark used and product sold, Adidas and Reebok are also requesting that all of the infringing seller IDs be disabled and their respective bank accounts frozen.