Adam Sandler was the guest on Monday night's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and opened up about his close-knit relationship with none other than Justin Bieber. Whilst promoting his new Netflix film The Week Of, alongside co-star Chris Rock, the funnyman proudly announced "I know the Biebs."

Sandler then revealed how he had met the Canadian crooner on multiple occasions, and the two have nurtured quite a friendly rapport as a result. The actor notes how "he’s a very nice kid. Very nice to my family. Says hi to my kids."

The comedian then detailed a story involving himself, Bieber, and a recent vacation in Hawaii alongside his family. Sandler had video-called Bieber through his iPhone's FaceTime feature while his children were swimming in a nearby pool. He instructed the "Let Me Love You" singer to say hello to his kin, which eventually provoked a frenzy with the other adolescents in the pool. "The Biebs causes a reaction," Sandler joked.

Peep the snippet from his interview below: